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Feedback from our Customers

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    • Great Service all round . Marley and Buddy loved there break with Sophie . I would not hesitate to recommend Friends for Pets .
      G.F. - Cardiff
    • I cannot thank Sally and Cadi enough for their care and, at times, patience with Goliath over the last few months. They have helped him to grow into a happy, well-socialised dog.
      A.R. - Cardiff
    • I cannot thank Catherine (Cardiff) enough. She walks my mother-in-laws dog, Lily 3 times a week as she is unable to do so herself. She has turned a nervous and timid dog into the playful, confident and happy dog she is now. Catherine is so understanding to the last minute changes that happen in our family and I'm not sure how we would've coped without her. We definitely would'nt have such a happy little doggy. Thank you again xx
      C.A. - Cardiff
    • The cat told us he had a great time with you, and was disappointed when we came home. The git.
      T.M. - Cardiff Bay
    • Andrew my pet carer has been walking Mr Flynn for a few months now, I am extremely grateful to him for a number of reasons. Flynn is a rescue Rottweiler, and has a few issues, Andrew has taken this all on board, and manages him and his issues. He listened carefully to all that I told him, and has formed a great bond with Mr Flynn. Andrew has also been flexible with his time, and this gives me great peace of mind, if I have to go away or work late. Overall, I am delighted with the service Andrew provides
      A.S. - Cardiff
    • Amazing service. Winnie loves going for walks with Rachel and meeting other dogs. Rachel is very helpful, easy to contact and arrange dates for walks. Very happy with everything.
      Z.T. - Cardiff
    • Sophie has been very kind and supportive of our cat's needs and very respectful of the house. Regards Lorenzo
      L.V. - Cardiff