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These are some of our local top 10 favourite dog walks around Cranleigh:

In one of the most beautiful places in the country, we have some stunning choices of locations to walk our dogs. Here are some of our favourites.
  • Walk #1 Downs Link

  • Pretty flat terrain, access to the old railway track in Cranleigh village with parking at Snoxhall Fields. Downslink is also popular with cyclists, horse riders and plenty of other dog owners. Does get muddy when wet.
  • Walk #2 Sidney Woods

  • Generally flat along gravel tracks with a few gentle slopes. Horses also use the tracks some areas can be a bit boggy with a few muddy paths and lovely scenic lake. Free carpark off Dunsfold Road, use a satnav as not very well signposted.
  • Walk #3 Leith Hill

  • Hilly woodland terrain with amazing views and a number of free carparks.
  • Walk #4 Blackheath Common

  • Sandy terrain within heath and woodland area, great for off lead walking, with several free carparks.
  • Walk #5 Gennets Wood

  • Pretty flat terrain, on a gravel road to start with, then woodland and field paths. There are a few gates, but no stiles. It can get boggy. No carparks but there is a bit of space by the entrance of the walk.
  • Walk #6 Loxwood Wey

  • Flat terrain if you stay on the towpath, easy walking; you can go through the woodland paths which are narrower with some steep paths and little footbridges. Parking at the canal is accessible through the Onslow Arms car park.
  • Walk #7 Winterfold Wood

  • Woodland, heath area with some steeper areas and stiles but easy for dogs to get through. Forest tracks with some field paths, can get muddy. Several free carparks, Hurtwood 3, 12 & 13.
  • Walk #8 Dunsfold Trail

  • Hilly terrain but not very steep, there are a few gates but no stiles. There is some parking in the lay-by before the church.
  • Walk #9 Hascombe Hill

  • Hilly terrain with some steep parts, there is one stile but easy for dogs to get round. Can get muddy and some of the walk is narrow; beautiful views at the top. Free parking opposite the White Horse pub.
  • Walk #10 Ewhurst Green

  • Very flat walk. Mix of field paths, gravel paths and muddy paths - some of which clearly will be very boggy in wet seasons, and some are very narrow with overgrown sides. No good for big dogs - several stiles. There is some free parking on Plough Lane by the cricket pitch.

Responsible Dog Walking

When visiting these beautiful places please remember to be respectful of others who are visiting and the environment. Our Top Tips for responsible dog walking are:-
  • Pick up dog mess in a bag and either take it home or to a dog mess bin.
  • Only let your dog off lead if it can be effectively controlled around people and other dogs.
  • Keep your dog on the lead and under control if livestock are close by.
  • Keep your dog on the lead if there is signage or you are instructed to do so by a park warden.