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    • Our lucky day when we found you. Our dog walker is greeted with ecstasy when she arrives, what more could we ask for? Many thanks
      D.R. - Wells
    • When the "dog walker" arrives, the dog greets her ecstatically and leaps into the boot of her car. Chris W is wholely reliable, and if she cannot come as arranged she always lets us know.
      D.R. - Wells
    • Friends for Pets have been great for my troubled Staffie/Patterdale Terrier cross Dex. Gill looks after him and although she has seen him at his worst she is still willing to look after and love him to bits whilst he stays with her even though he is a difficult case to look after and deal with.
      H.M. - Glastonbury
    • It's great to know that we no longer have to worry about who to turn to when we can't look after our menagerie ourselves. Thanks again for the great job you did. I'll be sure to contact you again.
      P.C. - Street
      V.H. - Wells