Never has there been a better time to start and grow your own business as part of a franchise network.

With the economy opening back up and a wealth of funding options for small business start ups and new franchises, those wanting to launch their own company are wise to do so in the coming months.

The UK government and high street banks have a number of finance options for new businesses to take advantage of as well as many local government and local private funding options available too.

But how will you know if you can do it?

That’s one of the benefits of becoming part of a franchise network rather than going it along. The initial fee is significant, but you will spend a similar amount setting up on your own and possibly more as you won’t know exactly what you need without a team who have been there and done in numerous times before.

Franchises also have a higher success rate compared to stand-alone businesses because of the ongoing support and training they receive. Remember the franchisor is only as successful as their franchisees so it is in their interest to ensure that their franchisees are as successful and profitable as possible.