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That time of year has come round again when we are starting to find ticks on our dogs that we walk. So why are they such a problem?


  • With changes in temperatures, ticks are starting to feed earlier and earlier in the year.
  • With the introduction of pet passports and the increase in international pet travel, not only ticks but other parasites, are able to easily introduce new diseases to countries where they did not used to be present.
  • Very serious diseases can be transmitted via ticks such as Canine Babesiosis and Lyme’s Disease as well as commonly causing localised infections around the entry site.
  • Treatment

  • Have a chat with your vet about preventative methods. There are many products on the market which if used routinely during the tick’s active months can keep ticks at bay.
    Check over your pet frequently and remove any ticks that you find. This is not always easy with longer haired pets!
  • If you find a tick on your pet, you should ideally remove the whole tick including the head which bury inside your pet, with a special tick removal hook which can be brought from most vets or pet shops. This should be rotated until the whole tick comes away.
  • Don’t try and remove it by pulling it off or burning it as parts of the tick can remain inside your pet leading to either an infection of the site or another disease that the tick was carrying.
  • If the area is very swollen or red, do not be afraid to get your vet to give your pet a quick check over.
  • Tickhook DogTicks

    When Becca went to the APGAW Dog meeting at the House of Commons at the end of 2016, some Veterinary researchers gave a talk about The Big Tick Project run by Bristol Veterinary School. It is running again this year. If you want to find out more about it then please see This site contains some great pictures of the different ticks you might find on your pets too!

    Our Top 5 Dog Walking spots near Bradford-on-Avon, Corsham and Atworth!

    Our Bradford-on-Avon and Corsham dog walking team are lucky to have some fantastic dog walks to take their clients on! Here are some of our favourites:-
    1. The Kennet and Avon Canal Path- A gorgeous dog walk along the towpath that stretches all the way from Reading to Bath. The dog walk passes through Bradford-on-Avon and is a good flat path for buggies and wheelchairs too.
    2. Corsham Court and Lake- A great dog walk near Corsham with plenty of variation for your dogs. There are parts with water, woods and fields. You are able to let your dogs off in parts but just be careful to keep them on the lead and under control when sheep are present. There is a free car park too!
    3. Slaughterford- Not far from Corsham, a dog walk with lots of variety- woods, fields and a little beach with a pond for dogs to play in. Lots of great places for some off lead playtime and some lovely dog friendly pubs in the area too to make a day of it!
    4. Box Woods – Not far from Corsham and Atworth, with some incredible views stretching over Bath and Box, this is a beautiful dog walk through bridlepaths and woods. Occasionally livestock are present in fields along the way so please remember to keep dogs on the lead and under control for everyone’s safety.
    5. Woods and Fields around Neston- a quiet, pretty dog walk around Neston, between Corsham and Atworth. Lots of places to let your dogs have a run off the lead but please keep them close and under control re is plenty of wildlife in the area.

    If you would like your dog to join one of our dog walkers on one of these gorgeous dog walks please get in touch with Sarah on or 01225 667245

    10 Great Dog Walks in the Vale of Glamorgan!

    The Barry and Vale of Glamorgan dog walkers that provide dog walking services in Penarth, Dinas Powys, Llandough and surrounding areas are lucky to have some gorgeous walks to take the four legged friends on! Here are some of their favourites:-

    1. Lavernock Point – Very close to Penarth for our dog walkers. Provides a gorgeous coastal walk and amazing views across the channel. Parking can be difficult especially on more pleasant days.
    2. Bryngarw Country Park – Gorgeous park for a dog walk near Bridgend. Convenient (paid) parking and café on site, parts of the walk are along a disused railway and although you are allowed to let dogs off keep them close as there are plenty of cyclists around on warmer days.
    3. Llanwit Major Beach – This is a lovely spot for a dog walk during the winter months (dogs are banned from the beach during the summer months). Convenient car parking too near the beach. A lovely little town to have a wander around as well.
    4. Dinas Powys – With stunning countryside there are lots of beautiful places to explore on a dog walk around Dinas Powys including the lovely Salmon Leaps Walk. There are some wooded areas and open fields. If you are lucky you may see some wildlife with kestrals, buszzards and pheasants commonly seen. At some times of year there may be livestock in the fields so please keep dogs on the lead and under close control to keep livestock and dogs safe when our dog walking.
    5. Porthkerry Country Park – Beautiful footpaths and woodland to explore whilst dog walking in Barry. With a car park on site, this is great dog walk for the warmer summer months when you are trying to avoid hot tarmac and missing the beaches!
    6. Watchtower Bay – a lovely beach walk in Barry. The beach is close to the town so parking is usually quite easy and there are also toilets on site.
    7. Cosmeston Lakes & Country Park – Can be an extended dog walk to incorporate a countryside and coastal walk. The actual park has two lakes, good footpaths making it a good choice for wheelchairs and pushchairs as well as dog walking. Due to the amount of birdlife around the lakes please keep dogs under close control at all times.
    8. Knap Gardens – A great place for a dog walk in Barry all year round. Beautiful gardens around a lake visited regularly by birdlife. A good walk for buggies and wheelchairs as well as being popular with dog walkers.
    9. Jacksons Bay – This is a quiet secluded sandy beach and the locals best kept secret. It is popular with dog walkers due to allowing dogs on it all year round. You can also walk round the Coastal Path to Barry Island though that does have dog restrictions at certain times of the year.

    10. Merthyr Mawr – This walk is easy to find from the M4 and again dogs are allowed here all year round. Start by exploring picturesque historical cottages before wandering the wilds of the sand dunes. Dogs
    will love running up and down the dunes including the Big Dipper! Reach the top of this one and be rewarded with all the surrounding views.

    If you would like your dog to join us on one of these gorgeous walks then please get in touch with Catherine on or 07502 316670