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Top tips for pets in the winter

There are many different things you can do in the winter time to keep your dogs safe!


Dogs such as greyhounds or Chihuahuas are very slim dogs and also have very fine coats so they tend to feel the cold more than some other breeds such as spaniels that have thick coats and have more of a tolerance to the colder weather. Also as your dogs get older they may feel the cold even more.

Slim dogs with a short hair coat (such as greyhounds or Chihuahuas) can feel the cold and you may find that as your dog gets older he starts to feel the cold more. Now a days there are many different dogs coats on the market, mainly for smaller dogs. Pet shops and garden centres all sell good quality coats it is worth asking someone about good fits and the best design for your dog before purchasing.


There are many breeds of dog that have their coats clipped on a regular basis but in the inter it is worth keeping the length of their fur a bit longer just so they do have that extra but of warmth.


In the winter months your dog walks become more muddy and wet resulting in very dirty dogs in big need of a good bath! There are now some waterless shampoos on the market which can be a great idea so you do not end up having your dog soaking wet for a long period of time after a bath.

Nails should be cared for and trimmed on a regular basis anyway but in the winter they may need trimming more frequently as your dogs may be spending more time inside than out playing in the garden.

It’s a good idea to check over your dogs pads on the bottom of their feet for any signs of cracks or irritation. Some dogs can be really sensitive to the cold weather on their feet or even just excessive amounts of mud.

Warm bedding

There are so many different dog beds to choose from today, but in the winter despite what bed your dog may have a few extra blankets or towels will be very much appreciated. Or if your dog is very spoilt like many out there you can more their bedding closer to a radiator or the fire.


With fewer hours of daylight and wet weather your dog may not be getting as much exercise as they would do in the summer. If your dog is getting less exercise it is always worth maybe reducing the amount you feed them to prevent any weight gain. If you are walking out in low light or in the dark is is definitely worth getting yourself some visibility clothing to ensure oncoming traffic can see you clearly. You can always buy high visibility collars and leads so your dog can be seen clearly as well.

Pet Charity calendar 2015

Every year here at Friends for Pets we put together a pets calendar competition for all of our Facebook followers. It has become very popular and over the last few years we have received hundreds of pet snaps. The competition is open to our clients and also people who are not clients with us. It is a chance for them so send us their most adorable pet pictures. We ask all pictures to be sent to where we will then add them onto our Facebook page.

Once the photos have been added to our page we ask the owners to get friends and family involved by liking their pictures. We do always set a deadline to when the competition closes and this year it is at 5pm on Friday 14th November. The winning 12 photos will be judged depending on which the highest amount of likes has.

We will then put together a list of the winners we will then upload a list of photos and owners so everyone can see what our final calendar will consist of.

We then sell copies of the calendars to anyone who would like one, we advertise it on Facebook as well as our other social media sits such as twitter. ( To order a copy of our 2015 calendar we ask for people to email us their name, address and how many photos they would like.

All of the profits made from the calendar sales will all go to our chosen charity. This year our chosen charity is Four Paws Animal Rescue. This is a small independent charity that prides themselves in re-homing, rescuing and fostering dogs. Their website explains everything they do and also shows how successful they are. (