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Perfect Hot Sunny Day Walks!

Now that we have a little more freedom with our daily exercise and with the summer upon us and the weather definitely heating up we thought we would have a look at some ideal walks for a hot day in… Continue Reading →

Our new contact-free dog handovers

This is just one example of the safety precautions we are taking with our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure everyone is maintaining a social distance. We are getting a tailored plan together for handovers or collections and pick… Continue Reading →

Wales v. England!

No we are doing talking about sports, we are talking about dog boarding license differences! Did you know that if someone offers dog boarding in their home either just for the day or to stay overnight they need a license… Continue Reading →

Coronavirus and exercising your dog

With Coronavirus having a dramatic effect on people’s personal and professional lives more and more of us have been asked to avoid social occasions, work from home or completely self-isolate due to being at higher risk of catching the virus… Continue Reading →


What is Bloat? Bloat is a condition where the stomach becomes overstretched by excess gas possibly due to a blockage or twisting of the stomach. Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV) is when the stomach becomes twisted as well. The conditions are progressively… Continue Reading →

Homemade Dog Treat Recipes!

Throughout the year we bake a lot of treats for friends and family (and ourselves) but why not treat your furry friends with some homemade dog treats. Here’s some of our favourite recipes: Easy peanut butter treats Whose dog is… Continue Reading →

Christmas Newsletter 2017!

2017 has been our busiest year yet! There have been some very exciting developments throughout the company. We have welcomed two new managers, Lucy, who took over our fantastic Bristol team and Tamsin, who now runs our new Vale of… Continue Reading →

Games to play on a dog walk.

Walking our dogs is great for their exercise (as well as our own) but it can also be a great mental stimulus and needless to say can be super fun for both parties. Although going for walks in different places… Continue Reading →

Nature vs. Nurture effects on Dog Behaviour.

There is always a lot of stories in the news and on social media about specific breeds. Certain breeds tend to get more bad press than others so is it justified or does the dog’s upbringing contribute more strongly to… Continue Reading →

Rainy Day Games for your Dog.

There are times when the weather can be rather unpleasant to walk in or when you need to keep your dog entertained inside. Coming up with new ideas to get your dog to use their brains can be hard, so… Continue Reading →

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