Every year here at Friends for Pets we put together a pets calendar competition for all of our Facebook followers. It has become very popular and over the last few years we have received hundreds of pet snaps. The competition is open to our clients and also people who are not clients with us. It is a chance for them so send us their most adorable pet pictures. We ask all pictures to be sent to photos@friendsforpets.co.uk where we will then add them onto our Facebook page.

Once the photos have been added to our page we ask the owners to get friends and family involved by liking their pictures. We do always set a deadline to when the competition closes and this year it is at 5pm on Friday 14th November. The winning 12 photos will be judged depending on which the highest amount of likes has.

We will then put together a list of the winners we will then upload a list of photos and owners so everyone can see what our final calendar will consist of.

We then sell copies of the calendars to anyone who would like one, we advertise it on Facebook as well as our other social media sits such as twitter. (https://twitter.com/FriendsforPets). To order a copy of our 2015 calendar we ask for people to email us their name, address and how many photos they would like.

All of the profits made from the calendar sales will all go to our chosen charity. This year our chosen charity is Four Paws Animal Rescue. This is a small independent charity that prides themselves in re-homing, rescuing and fostering dogs. Their website explains everything they do and also shows how successful they are. (http://fourpawsanimalrescue.org.uk.)