Now that we have a little more freedom with our daily exercise and with the summer upon us and the weather definitely heating up we thought we would have a look at some ideal walks for a hot day in the Bristol area…

Everyone loves a bit of sunshine, however when your favourite walking companion has a furry coat which they cannot take off, it is always good to put a little more thought into where you want to walk them.  Is there any shade?  Is there somewhere for my pooch to have a paddle?  Can I let them off the lead?

So here are some places we have tried and tested…

  • Willsbridge Mill is a lovely walk just outside Longwell Green, there are lots of trees to provide plenty of shade on a hot day, and there is also a lovely river for some nice poochie paddling.  And a bonus for us humans there is a cafe!  Let’s hope lockdown allows it to open soon!!

  • Oldbury Court Estate, which is also connected to Snuff Mills and Vassals Park, is another great place for a walk on a hot sunny day.

This is also a great location for a walk if you have a family as there is a lovely play area for children, with a small cafe for drinks and there are also plenty of open green spaces for picnics in the sun and of course the occasional game of fetch!

  • Magpie Bottom Nature Reserve, this is a favourite of my furbaby, Lexie, as there is a lovely little place to paddle that isn’t too deep.  There is also a beautiful open space about half way through the walk, again perfect for picnics and playing games with your dog.

  • Warmley Forest Park is an ideal location for any dog; it ticks so many boxes for the perfect walk.  There are plenty of large open spaces and fields for you to let your dog off the lead and lots of long grassy areas to bound through and expel some pent up energy (which is always a plus – a tired doggy is a contented doggy!!)  The Siston Brook and a large pond also provide ample opportunity for a quick swim or a paddle.
  • St Anne’s Wood is perfect if you are looking for a shorter walk especially on one of our hotter days as there are plenty of trees to give some nice shade and a little stream to paddle and cool off the paws.  It is also located very close to St Anne’s Park if you have the kids along as well.

  • Conham River Park,this is a fantastic location if you have a livelier pooch and want a longer walk.  It is a beautiful river side walk that also provides plenty of shade from the hot sun!  Along the way you will come across the ferry that will take you over to Beese’s Riverside Bar and Garden or if you are feeling more energetic you can walk the whole length of the river and it brings you out at The Old Lock & Weir Inn where you can sit outside beside the river and enjoy a nice drink with your pup beside you!
  • Blaise Castle is another fantastic location in the summer, this 650 acre estate offers plenty of room to walk, run and play games with your dog.  There are also plenty of shady places, thanks to the woodland and ample opportunity to go for a doggy paddle.  There is also a large children’s play area situated near to the car park.

We hope you and your four legged friends enjoy these walks as much as we did.  If you visit a certain walk we would love to hear your thoughts and see any photos so please feel free to leave a comment on this blog or share your pics and experience on our Facebook page

Enjoy…. From Kirsty and Lexie and all the team at Friends for Pets Bristol and South Gloucester!