Here is a list of must buy toys, gadgets and technology for your dogs…

Is your pooch a bit of a flight risk?  Are you always nervous letting him off the lead?  Then why not look into this nifty little tracking device from Garmin and never lose Fido again.  It has a highly sensitive GPS which will give you real time tracking of your dog when you are out on more adventurous walks. It is quite pricey, so a bit of an investment.

This is the ultimate buy for the dog that never tires of playing fetch, long after mum or dad’s arm feels like it’s going to fall off.  Plus it is also a chance for us grownups to have an excuse to play with toy guns again and not get strange looks from the general public.

For all of you out there who are nervous to leave your pets home alone and unsupervised then why not think about investing in a doggy camera for that extra peace of mind.  Some of them even allow two way interactions so you can speak to and reassure your pet when you are not home.

Now that the winter nights are drawing in along with the wet weather, there are fewer opportunities to walk your dog as much as you would like, so why not invest in a few intellectual indoor toys to keep their mind active rather than just lying and sleeping.  Amazon has an awesome flip board toy; there is also a tower version. For those of you who want to progress your dog to the next level.

Perhaps you enjoy going for a run with your dog rather than the normal dander through the park, then these leash ideas allow you to keep your hands and arms free, enabling you to work your upper body as well as exercising your pup.

Poop Bag Holder (Yes full of poop!!) – Click here!

Have you been out on a walk where there are no bins to be seen, or they are few and far between?  Then this gadget is great, we’ve all seen the poop bag carriers for your lead but this ingenious little device carries the full poop bag leaving your hands free to enjoy the rest of your walk until you come across another bin.

Now that the nights are closing in and you sometimes have no choice but to walk and play in the dark, why not get a glow in the dark ball to still be able to play fetch in your local park.

With the soggy walk season now upon us, no one likes those inevitable muddy paw prints through the house as your pooch rushes to get in out of the rain.  This handy little device is great to keep by the front door for a quick paw wash before your furry friend comes in the house, or indeed is very handy to keep in the car to avoid muddy stains on the seats.

If your dog is scared of thunder and fireworks then this product is certainly worth a try, it is proven to work on 80% of dogs and is always better to try before rushing for medicines etc.

Light Up Collars – Click here!

Not only is the soggy walking season upon us but so too are the pitch dark walks!  Reflective clothing for yourself is always advisable but why not consider a light up collar for your pup too, so that you are both definitely visible to all passersby and drivers.  Amazon has a range of collars available.

One of the best things about this time of year is being able to dig out all your cosy jumpers!!  Why not consider buying your furbaby a nice little jumper too, especially if they have a fine coat.  Pets at Home, Jollyes and various other outlets have a great range to choose from.  Please just make sure your pup is happy to wear clothes and don’t force them to if they are showing signs of distress.

This is the perfect present for your pup coming into the chillier evenings and especially with the dreaded Halloween fireworks just round the corner anything that helps with anxiety is a must!  A quick disclaimer from us – other products and retailers are available so please do your research before investing!