Good question!  We often get asked why people would prefer to be part of a franchise rather than just set up on their own. Here are a couple of reasons that our pet franchisees benefit from which they would either have to spend money on themselves or forgo…

  • You join a network of like-minded franchisees to bounce ideas off, to get support from so when times get tough you are never alone.⁠
  • They get their own business but with the benefits of being supported by a larger company.
  • They get to use a tried and tested business model which has been proven successful over and over again with our current franchisees. If they didn’t use this they would have to use their own time and money trying different things out to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • They don’t have to compete with another Friends for Pets franchisee in their area meaning they get the opportunity to take the crown as the market leader in the local area.
  • Professional Search Engine Optimisation – so they do not have to spend their money on being noticed by the search engines and performing highly in their local search engine results.
  • They benefit from initial and ongoing CPD to ensure they are fully trained and kept up to date with everything in the industry.
  • You will be training in everything you need to know instead of not even knowing what you need to know!⁠
  • Access to our tailormade database and bookings system to make day to day running of their company a breeze.
  • As much or as little support as they need to make their business a success.

With all of these benefits it is clear to see why new franchises are statistically more likely to succeed and last than non-franchise start-ups.

  • Because franchised businesses are statistically less likely to fail, potential franchisees are more likely to get funding for buying a franchise than for setting up by themselves.⁠
  • You have the support and guidance throughout your business journey that you would never have if you were alone
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