Are you looking for some ideas to keep your dog entertained when you are not at home. Check out our blog below…

Tv/Radio: Many dog owners leave a radio playing while they’re away from home for the dog’s sake: to make the dogs feel less lonely, to provide stimulation so they won’t get bored or to prevent them from barking excessively. Background noise, like radio or TV, can filter out other sounds that might distract a dog.

Enrichment toys: Dogs need enrichment to reduce stress, give them some control over their environment, and keep them occupied in constructive, non-destructive ways. Enrichment improves and enhances your dog’s mental state using a range of activities designed to challenge and exercise their brains. These activities encourage your dog to problem solve, learn new skills, and become more confident.

KONG toys are excellent for keeping your dog busy and mentally stimulated. Taking a few minutes to stuff a Kong toy with food or treats can occupy your dog for a few minutes, or even a few hours. As your dog works to remove food or treats, he’s expending excess energy. This can help alleviate boredom and anxiety.

Scavenger trails: Doggy scavenger hunts benefit pets and their parents too. Any game between pet parents and their fur-babies encourages bonding and mutual respect. Scavenger hunts also help your dog learn scent work and gives them practice obeying commands like “find it” and “drop it”. Engaging young dogs in games can help expend some of that endless puppy energy.

Another pet for company:

-Help Ease Separation Anxiety

-They’ll Keep Each Other Entertained and Exercised

Long lasting chews: Chewing is a natural behavior for all dogs. It allows them to explore the world around them, exercise their jaws, and even clean their teeth. Most of all, it engages them mentally and alleviates boredom.

Pet Camera: having a pet camera can benefit you and your pet. It can help with separation anxiety, by keeping you connected to your furbaby and even help them to continue training when you are not at home.

Day care/ walking or visiting services like Friends for Pets:

  • Safe socialising, we provide groups of pet care, whether that be day care groups or group walks in a safe environment with trained, experienced pet care. This is a good way of allowing your pet to have furr friends and be comfortable around other pets.
  • Physical exercise: Friends for pets offer services tailored to each individual pets and will discuss with the owner what is best for the pet, regarding how much or how little exercise they may need.
  • Day care/pet visits/dog walks can all help with separation anxiety, it allows the pet to bond with other pet lovers and with regular visits or day care the pet will soon understand they won’t be left for a long period of time without being comforted by their owner or a loving pet carer.
  • Pet care also maintains routine and structure for pets. Pets soon get to know their routine from week to week and by trying to keep the same pet carer for the same pet where possible this allows the pet and the pet carer to bond and build up the trust.
  • Having pet care also gives the owner a peace of mind that their pet/pets are in safe hands with all our pet carers that are trained, DBS checked and carry many years of experience caring and loving for all the animals here at friends for pets.