With the current weather being so hot it is important to keep our pups cool and hydrated, as well as keeping them occupied and stimulated. Here are a few tips we have to try with your dogs at home to keep them cool:

  • Frozen snacks, you can freeze fruit and vegetables and give them to your dog as cold treats. For example, watermelon and carrots, freeze them for at least 4 hours and be sure to take them out for a couple of minutes in room temperature before giving them to your dog.
  • Iced water, to keep your dog’s water super cool throughout the day, place a few ice cubes in the water bowl with some cold water to keep it cool.
  • Cool mats – cool mats are another great way for keeping your dog cool, the cool mats stay cold for your dog to relax/sleep on in the hot weather.
  • Freezing towels – another way of making your own cool mat is to hose down some towels and squeeze most of the water out, roll them up and pop them in the freezer for a couple of hours. You can then take them out and use them as cool mats on the floor or in dogs’ crates/beds.
  • Walking – please avoid walking in the heat of the day, as it is far too hot for dogs, the best time to walk them is early in the morning or late at night when the temperature has cooled down.
  • Paddling pools – these are great to fill up with cold water and have in your garden under some shade, this allows the dog to have some stimulation and play without getting to hot outside.
  • Indoor games – toys and games are a great way to burn some energy dogs may have if they aren’t able to go out for a walk due to the weather. For example, hiding treats, sniff kong, gentle tug of war, puzzles, grooming etc.