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Our most disgusting blog entry!

Dog Poo! An ongoing problem affecting public spaces in the UK, it is horrible to see it lying on the ground but even worse to step in. It is estimated that dogs in the UK produce around 1000 tonnes of… Continue Reading →

Friends for Pets 2015 Christmas Newsletter

Wow, what a year! It’s been a busy old year here at Friends for Pets with growth and expansion in all of our teams enabling us to care for lots more of our furry, feathery and scaly friends! We have… Continue Reading →

Big ‘pack’ dog walks vs. Small or individual dog walks.

The stereotype of a professional dog walker usually involves one to two people holding the leads of a large ‘pack’ of dogs. Here at Friends for Pets we avoid this at all costs! Why would we do this? Well here… Continue Reading →

A tired dog will miss you more than a bored dog

Let’s be honest, when a dog is happy and content, and also worn out, they will sleep for hours, oblivious to anything that is going on around them. Burglars could come in and empty the house around them and they… Continue Reading →

Who’s going to play ball with your four-legged friend while you can’t?

This is the time of year for Wimbledon and so we thought you would appreciate the video we have included with the post, though of course we are not promoting the bank…… We liked this video as it is clear… Continue Reading →

5 top reasons for needing dog walkers or dog boarding services

It takes a dog lover to understand why we are prepared to invest so much in our dogs. By that we don’t mean just financially, but emotionally and for their well-being. Because we are given so much unconditional love by… Continue Reading →

Friends for Pets Christmas 2014 newsletter

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you! We have had a very busy year here at Friends for Pets with lots of pets being cared for by established and new franchises. This year we have seen Meryl take… Continue Reading →

Top tips for pets in the winter

There are many different things you can do in the winter time to keep your dogs safe! Coats Dogs such as greyhounds or Chihuahuas are very slim dogs and also have very fine coats so they tend to feel the… Continue Reading →

Pet Charity calendar 2015

Every year here at Friends for Pets we put together a pets calendar competition for all of our Facebook followers. It has become very popular and over the last few years we have received hundreds of pet snaps. The competition… Continue Reading →

Fireworks – top tips for helping your pets!

With fireworks night just round the corner (it’s already here according to some!), here are some tips you may find helpful in helping your pet cope with fireworks if they are nervous of them:-   During fireworks distract your dog… Continue Reading →

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