Have you ever wondered if your dog is getting enough mental stimulation, social interaction, canine company and of course fresh air?  Do you feel those quick walks around the block morning and night are just not cutting it for your pooch?  Well good news, Friends for Pets has a new service to offer – Adventure walks for your dog!!

So what does an adventure walk entail I hear you ask….

  • A longer walk of at least two hours.
  • Off lead walking (with owner consent).
  • A small group of dogs – which gives each poochie client the experience of being part of a pack on a regular basis.  Which also gives them more canine company as well as human.
  • Exciting and stimulating areas for the walk –  we are very lucky to be within distance of beautiful beaches, hills and countryside, mountains and forests.  Which will give you dog a wide vartiety of places to explore and enjoy.
  • A pick up and drop off service (if required).

What better way to show your dog how much you care by treating them to some quality time in the great outdoors with one of our fantastic fully trained pet carers.  You will have the peace of mind that your dog is in safe, reliable hands, will throughly enjoy themselves and return home well exercised and ready to sleep!  What more could you ask for?

So why not give us a call and book your fur baby in for a day of fresh air, exercise and adventure with some friends!  Please feel free to contact us on any of the following;

Email – bristol@friendsforpets.co.uk

Telephone – 07585504867

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/FriendsforPets/