When we first launched FFP 12 years ago, we didn’t plan to become a franchised company. We started in the Cheddar Valley area of Somerset but started getting enquiries from further and further afield. The business was becoming very difficult to manage from a volume of administrative tasks and also difficult to keep services to the highest standard possible with a single person from a single central location. Franchising gave us the opportunity to be able to grow the brand in a controlled manner over a wider area, keeping standards to the highest possible as well as giving multiple pet lovers the opportunity to own their own successful pet care company (or companies in some cases of our multi-franchise unit owners!).

In the recent pandemic it has also meant that as franchise network we have pulled together to recover ⁠more strongly than if we were all separate brands. Some of our franchisees have even turned over more in the past two months than before lockdown!

To find out more about franchising and our franchise packages you can visit out own dedicated franchising website https://www.pet-franchise.com/