The dreaded firework season is fast approaching and if your pets are not a fan of the loud noises and banging then we have some tips to help see you through Halloween and Bonfire night.

  • Walk your dog before dark where possible.  Coming into the shorter evenings this may not always be easy, especially if you happen to work long hours, so why not give us a call at Friends for Pets, we can help.  Check out our new Adventure Walks, we can take your dog awayduring the day, to an exciting location with a couple of doggy pals for 2 hours of exercise and fun so they return home more tired and ready to sleep and ignore all the banging of fireworks outside!
  • Feed your pets before the fireworks in your area normally start each evening, as once they become distressed they are very unlikely to eat.  You don’t want to have to worry about them going hungry each night as well as being scared of the noises.
  • Do not leave you dogs or pets alone in the garden or yard.  So go for a wee with them, well…..maybe just accompany them while they wee, we don’t want anyone arrested for unlawful behaviour in their garden!!!
  • Give your dog a safe “hiding” place.  If your dog is crate trained then try throwing some extra blankets over the top to make it darker and add a few more snuggly blankets or pillows inside to make it nice and cosy.  If your dog isn’t crate trained not to worry – just try and make their bed as den like as possible, make sure it is away from doors and windows (where the noise is likely to be worse), pull the curtains early so they don’t have the chance to see flashes etc and consider placing their bed under a table to help drown out any excess noises and lights.
  • Turn up your T.V.s and radios!  This will help drown out any noises from outside, just don’t go crazy as you don’t want the neighbours reporting you to the police for noise pollution!!
  • If your pet is nervous around this time of year, do not leave them alone.  If you do have plans and need to go out then give Friends for Pets a call, we can offer day care or overnight boarding or even house sitting so your pet can stay in their own familiar surroundings.
  • Never force your pet to wear a costume, no matter how cute they may look.  Forcing them to wear clothing when they are not used to it or don’t like it will only cause further trauma.
  • Take extra care around firework season when opening doors, frightened pets may try to run away from the noise and bolt out the door.