Do you have a dog and are changing jobs or starting a new job? Do you desperately want a dog but not sure how you can manage working and have a dog?

Well you are right to be concerned! Separation-related behaviours are relatively common in the UK, affecting up to 1 in 2 dogs. Behaviours can include barking, howling, chewing, urination and defecation. So how can you improve your dog’s welfare as well as working? Well pet care companies like Friends for Pets may have the solution. Many pet care companies can offer a set plan of care for your pet whilst you are out at work. At Friends for Pets we go one step further and will tailor make a care plan for your pet depending on exactly what your pet requires. Our most popular solutions for pets left at home for the day whilst their owners are out at work are our dog walking and dog day care.

Our dog walking services can be any length your dog requires, we can walk in a location that you prefer (or avoid certain ones if you wish!), we can offer solo walks or, if available, your dog can join a sociable group.  We can also walk at a time to suit your dog so to break up their day more evenly.

Our doggy day care service is also very popular! You can drop your dog off on your route to work. They spend their day living in their pet carers family home where they will stay for the day and have lots of love, cuddles and walks (please do not confuse our dog day care with big dog day care centres where the ratio of dogs to handlers is unmanageable and your dog will be mixed with different unknown dogs each day).

For more info on any of our services please contact your local Friends for Pets branch.