With fireworks night just round the corner (it’s already here according to some!), here are some tips you may find helpful in helping your pet cope with fireworks if they are nervous of them:-


  • During fireworks distract your dog if possible playing games, doing training activities or playing with toys.
  • Make your pet feel safe. Give them access to an area of the home they feel safe and stay with them to give them confidence.
  • Try to ignore negative behavior and reward for positive behavior.
  • Keep radios, TVs and lights on to mask bangs and flashes from the fireworks.
  • When exercising your dog keep them on the lead (to avoid them bolting) and if possible walk at times and places where fireworks are not in sight or their hearing range. As always ensure your dogs ID tags are up to date and securely attached to your dog in case they do slip their collar or harness.
  • If you pet has an extreme reaction to fireworks enlist the help of a professional animal trainer that can help your pet deal with loud noises before the firework season begins.
  • Your vet may be able to help. You may be able to prescribe some calming medication or suggest a plug-in diffuser or something similar to help calm your pet.
  • Get hold of a Sound Therapy pack from www.soundtherapy4pets.co.uk.
  • Cats will tend to feel safer if they can hide away somewhere. Leave them to hide for as long as they wish.
  • For any small pets outside, if you cannot bring them into the house provide extra bedding and partly cover and area of their hutch or shed so that it will dull the sound but keep a good air flow for them.