With Coronavirus having a dramatic effect on people’s personal and professional lives more and more of us have been asked to avoid social occasions, work from home or completely self-isolate due to being at higher risk of catching the virus and it making us severely ill. But what about those of us with dogs that cannot take them out for a walk?

It is well known that dogs need their walks for physical and mental stimulation. A dog walk:-

  • Stops your dog getting bored
  • Reduces the risk of destructive behaviour through boredom.
  • Exploration of new sights, smells and sounds stimulates them and wears them out mentally.
  • Keeps them fit and healthy
  • Reduces the risk of them becoming overweight if they are more sedentary therefore reducing the risk of further health problems once self-isolation is over
  • A tired dog will behave better at home.
  • A well behaved dog at home will help those ill or self-isolating with their mental health and coping at this very difficult time.

If you are unable to leave your home or you are trying to work at home with a bored dog it is not easy to be able to fulfil your dog’s needs. That’s where Friends for Pets can help! Our pet carers are still continuing to operate throughout the outbreak.

 Our dog walkers are always very hygiene aware when they operate but in light of the current viral outbreak extra hygiene precautions have been put into place. We are:-

  • Able to set up a non-human contact collection and drop off service.
  • We are cleaning our hands thoroughly between each drop off and collection.
  • We are using our own leads if needed.
  • Only healthy pet carers (low risk, no recent travel, no contact with anyone showing symptoms or tested positive, no symptoms themselves) are providing pet care services at this time.
  • For all new clients that have never registered with us before but still need us we are doing new registrations via phone call or email to avoid human contact.
  • If anyone self-isolating needs essential supplies, medication or prescriptions collecting and delivering we are offering a complimentary service alongside our standard pet care routine.

If you need any urgent dog walking at this awful time or want to register in case you need to completely self-isolate then please get in touch with your local branch of Friends for Pets https://www.friendsforpets.co.uk/contact-us/