This is the time of year for Wimbledon and so we thought you would appreciate the video we have included with the post, though of course we are not promoting the bank…… We liked this video as it is clear the dogs, as well as the two tennis stars, are having a great time. However it does raise the serious point of what to do if you are unable to look after your dog for a while. After all while we can cope with staving off boredom by reading a book or watching a film, a dog can’t, instead relying on mental stimulation from a good walk with plenty of nice interesting smells, and a good run around to promote long snoozes with plenty of paw twitching and imaginary rabbit chasing. However if you live alone, there is no guarantee you will always be able to look after your dog. So what is the solution for short-term problems?

Well here at Friends for Pets we have been offering an established dog walking service as a result of a number of varying circumstances, and for varying lengths of time. We understand that unless it is a pre-booked hospital appointment, you can’t plan ahead for being ill, and often you can’t plan for a change in work commitments. As a consequence we often advise our clients get to know us in advance and, more importantly, your dog gets to know us as well. What we have found is a great idea is for potential clients to book a one-off dog walking session and that allows everyone to get introduced and for us to learn all about your dog’s (dogs’) foibles and character. That way if you are unfortunately taken unwell, you know your dog will be in safe hands with someone they know and like. So if that makes sense to you, why not give us a call at Friends for Pets and let’s meet – we might even bring a ball or two with us too….