Let’s be honest, when a dog is happy and content, and also worn out, they will sleep for hours, oblivious to anything that is going on around them. Burglars could come in and empty the house around them and they wouldn’t know. However to get your dog into that state means plenty of exercise and long walks, both good for physical and mental stimulation. So what happens when you can’t be there for your dog and give them the time, attention and exercise the need? Well one of two things. Either you put the dog in kennels which is usually distressing for both dog and owner, or you give us a call at Friends for Pets and ask for our help. If it is a question that your days just got much longer for a brief period of time, meaning you have to leave home earlier in the day and arrive back much later, then our dog walking services are ideal for you as we can deal with the day’s domestic necessities (dog wise) allowing you to return to a friendly but tired wagging tail.

Of course if you have to go away for a few days, then again you have some options. We can send one of our dog walkers to your home morning and evening to give your dog a good and tiring walk, or alternatively you could consider boarding your dog with one of our team. Instead of being cooped up in a strange kennel your dog will stay indoors with the company that they deserve and will help them while you are away. We all believe that while we are away all our beloved dogs do is sit and pine, waiting for our return, when the brutal truth is that they will be happy to play with anyone who wants to show them some attention and give them a biscuit! So if you’d like to know more about us, do get in touch – you’ll find we all have one thing in common very quickly, we love dogs!