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Caged Pet Boarding Services.

Pet Boarding
If you have a small furry, feathery or scaly pet, then we can board your small animal in one of our pet carer's homes whilst you are away. We will keep their routine as consistent as possible and give them lots of fuss and attention. For our Small Pet Boarding service we do require that you provide a familiar, suitable cage, tank or hutch for your small pet. We have bird, reptile and rodent experts in our teams ready to care for your pets! Our Small Pet Boarding service is suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, small birds, hamsters, gerbils, lizards and other small rodents and reptiles. This service is not suitable for cats. For cats we suggest our in client's home pet sitting services instead Pet Sitting Service

Small boarding benefits

  • Home from home small pet boarding allowing your pets to have interaction with your pet carer throughout the day.
  • Keeping your pets routine consistent whilst you are away.
  • They will have a better holiday than you!

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