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Some of our favourite dog walks around the Bridgwater area!

With a wide range of environments around Bridgwater our dogs are very lucky to have lots of variety in places to explore. If you would like your dog to join us on any of these walks please get in touch! These are some of our favourites..
  • Walk #1 Kings Cliff

  • Close to North Petherton. Small car park which can get full at popular times. Fairly flat path with hilly paths and also a stream for dogs to play in. Lots of wildlife around and horse riders so keep dogs close and under control.
  • Walk #2 Cossington

  • Lovely cycle path, this walk is a pleasant choice on warmer days as there are lots of shady areas. The route isn’t circular but there are a few footpaths off through fields to explore off the main cycle route.
  • Walk #3 Bawdrip

  • An extension of the cycle route follows a river so again nice on a warmer day for dogs that are keen on water to have a play and cool off in.
  • Walk #4 West Huntspill River Bank

  • Lots of open space for dogs to have a good stretch of legs. Free parking and you can walk along the river bank to Highbridge. Nice and flat with some lovely views.
  • Walk #5 Woolavington Droves

  • Lots of footpaths to sniff and explore that can take you up past middlemore waterpark.
  • Walk #6 Wind Down Plantation

  • Very limited parking but beautiful walk on the Quantock hills. Lots of different footpaths to explore so walk can be as long or short as you wish. Lots of shady woodland for hotter days. Some flat and some steeper areas making a great varied walk.
  • Walk #7 Bridgwater Recycling Centre

  • Not actually a walk within the recycling centre (!) but parking close to it and following the river. Lots of varied environments including the river and some woodland for your dogs to explore.
  • Walk #8 Coombwich

  • Pretty walk from Coombwich along the river Parrett. Footpaths can lead you to the village of Pawlett and further on to Dunball. You can also walk up to Steart beach from here as well.
  • Walk #9 Cothelstone Hill

  • Lots of little paths off the main one making it quite good if you want a walk away from other dog walkers. Has some fantasic views. There can be livestock there so please keep dogs on lead and under control if livestock present.
  • Walk #10 Stolford

  • Lovely beach and marsh walk. Slightly further down the coast from Steart Point.

Responsible Dog Walking

When visiting these beautiful places please remember to be respectful of others who are visiting and the environment. Our Top Tips for responsible dog walking are:-
  • Pick up dog mess in a bag and either take it home or to a dog mess bin.
  • Only let your dog off lead if it can be effectively controlled around people and other dogs.
  • Keep your dog on the lead and under control if livestock are close by.
  • Keep your dog on the lead if there is signage or you are instructed to do so by a park warden.