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We do not share your information with any third party and destroy it as soon as we do not need it. Please read our full Privacy Policy or contact us for more information.

How does Friends for Pets work?

    You contact Friends for Pets by telephone, email or online booking form.
  • After your initial enquiry by telephone, email or online booking form, one of the team will contact you for a little more information on your pet. If, after some more information about us you would like to meet one of the team we will set up a home visit. If you require dog boarding you and your dog will be matched with a suitable pet carer and you will both visit the pet carers home. For all other services one of the team will visit your home. This is free of charge service to ensure you, your pet and our pet carer are happy with the arrangement.
  • At the initial home visit you will go through a form with your pet carer and go through your requirements in a lot more detail.
  • After the home visit you will then be asked to confirm whether you are happy to proceed with the booking and we will confirm it for you.
  • After each visit to your home or boarding, your pet carer will fill in a diary of what your pet has been up to during the time that you have been unable to care for them and this will be left with you.
  • If you would like to re-book you can phone up your local team or email through again. We will endeavour to match you with the same pet carer each time you book so that your pet carer and your pet build up a close relationship.

How do I know that I can trust your company?

We are fully insured and all of our pet carers are DBS checked. Each of our pet carers go through a vigorous recruitment process and training and we also obtain references for each of our pet carers. All of our dog boarders are home checked.

Are you insured?


Why don't you have marked cars or vans?

On hearing the horror stories of other pet care companies that have marked vans we have very much decided against it. We are VERY security conscious and do not want to attract the attention of people by arriving in a marked van to advertise the fact that you are on holiday and there is no-one at home. Unlike other companies, we do not leave your house keys with your address details in our cars and vans whilst we are out walking for them where they can be stolen. We offer a very discreet service to ensure your security.

What happens if my pet is ill whilst in your care?

At the home visit, one of the questions we ask is your veterinary details. If we are in doubt as to whether your pet is ill we will contact you or your emergency contact and take them to the vet if we both decide that it is necessary. We will then take the advice of a Veterinary Surgeon and keep you or your emergency contact informed about whatever the Veterinary Surgeon advises. In an emergency, your pet carer will take your pet to the closest Vet and ring you and their manager as soon as they can.

Is my pet carer trained in Animal Care?

All new pet carers are given the opportunity to undertake our in house pet sitter award scheme. This training involves training in Animal Nutrition, Health and Welfare, Behaviour, Pet First Aid, Walking Tips and much much more! Lots of our pet carers already hold animal based qualifications when they start with us. We also have our own Qualified Pet First Aid Instructor and Registered Veterinary Nurse on hand to help with any queries and provide support to all of our pet carers.

How do I know my pet will be well cared for?

Animal Welfare is our top priority at Friends for Pets and we base all of our services around keeping our client’s pet’s welfare at the highest standard it can possibly be.

What happens if my pet carer goes on holiday or is ill?

If you would like a substitute pet carer we will arrange for another of our team to pop and meet you and cover any booking that you require whilst your regular pet carer is unavailable. This is a huge benefit in using a company with a team rather than a ‘one-man’ company.

How do I pay?

The easiest way to pay is via bank transfer as there is no charge for this and it is convenient. You can also pay by cheque made out to Friends for Pets and sent to your local office. All payment details are included on the invoice.