Meet Amy – she took on a Friends For Pets Franchise in 2014 and hasn’t looked back since! We asked her a few questions to find out what interested her in taking on the business and how she has found life as a Franchisee.

Question: What made you get involved in the pet care business in the first place? Well, I had always had pets growing up and eventually completed a diploma in animal management once I’d left school. I started working as a pet carer for Friends For Pets and enjoyed the work so much that when Becca (the founder of FFP) went on maternity leave and asked me to help run the Cheddar team – I jumped at the chance. It all went from there really.

Question: Why did you decide to take on a franchise? I really enjoyed managing the Cheddar team and felt confident that if I took on a franchise I would be able to grow my business further; meaning I would benefit directly from my own hard work. It was also an easy transition as I had total support from Becca and the Head Office and the work was interesting and rewarding. I would say that increased income played a large part of it but also having a job I believed in and could fit around my lifestyle was also really important.

Question: What has been the best moment? It was in 2019 when I won an award for Excellence in Customer Service at the Sedgemoor Business Awards. I was also shortlisted for Young Business Person of the year and this has been such a proud moment for me and it was so lovely to be recognised for all my hard work.

Question: What has been the worst moment? I think the worst points are when we have looked after an animal for a long time and they pass away from old age or illness. It is a real wrench for us as a team of pet carers as we have really developed a bond with them and also seeing the impact on the families is tough…… but thankfully this isn’t a frequent event!

Question: What has been the biggest surprise? Realising how much goes on behind a pet care business and the time and effort all the pet carers and managers put in to ensure that every animal is looked after carefully and correctly. Also, having such a close relationship with the clients; for some people we really are a life line and we can easily have weekly communication with them if not more! You really feel a sense of purpose and reward from that kind of relationship.

Question: What is the thing that makes you happiest? Sunny days!!!! Being out in the fresh air on a walk in the sunshine is hard to beat – and I get paid for it! Also feeling like I am doing something worthwhile! I love getting to know the animals and are always appreciative for the time and effort you put it – a waggy tail greeting you is a simple pleasure that never gets old.

Question: Why would you recommend becoming a franchise owner? For me, the key factors would be; the ability to create and grow a business in a supported way – and importantly to grow it in line with your own lifestyle. I can choose when, where and how much work I take on and I get to wear jeans and wellies to work (or alternatively my pyjamas when I am doing paperwork!) I’m not going to pretend that there isn’t a lot of work involved – but the important thing for me, is that I am in control of it and I directly benefit from it – it’s a win-win situation.

Wow – Amy has given us some great insights into the life of a fanchisee! If it has sparked your interest in owning your own (low cost) Friends For Pets Franchise – please follow the links and attend one of our discovery days.